Roadmap to EMV

Is EMV compliance right for you.

  • It is not mandated or required

  • There will be additional costs

  • Merchants do have a choice but there are some factors to consider:

Location and Demographic:
  • Are you located in an area were counterfeit or lost and stolen cards are often used in your business?

  • Do you accept a lot of international cards?

Chargeback Ratios:
  • How many charge backs occurred in your business within the last year? What were the reasons for those charge backs?

Cost vs Risk:
  • What is the COST to implement EMV standards in your business and does that cost make sense for your business’s RISK?

What Our Team has for your business.

  • Multiple Processing Platforms

  • Processing Platforms, which allow Gift Card and Credit/Debit transactions through the same encrypted card reader.

  • Net E pay which is middleware to encrypt the data received from POS Software and securely sends to the processor.

  • Hardware – Point of Sale Terminals that will work with latest Operating Systems and everything from encrypted card readers to customer facing terminals that allow Smart Card use.

  • In other words we have everything your business needs to securely process credit/ debit cards for you and your customers.